About Us

Why we created Thematic

As many as 2 out of 3 companies each year go out of business. Why do they fail? They simply don’t listen to their customers! However, they collect a ton of data from surveys, reviews, call center logs and transcripts, support tickets, email and social media.

Customer feedback = a dead wall of text

Here’s what customer feedback looks like: a wall of text. Can you imagine having to summarize opinions of other people accurately?  Even if it’s just 100 opinions, it’s a tough nut to crack.

And, so most companies are left with that feeling of being “data rich, but insights poor”.

You have a choice of 3:

1) Dedicate precious headcount to manually – and inefficiently – reviewing all this and getting an inferior outcome.

2) Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire expensive, and ultimately not satisfying, text analysis software that requires a lot of specialist work on the back-end.

3) Do nothing. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of major companies who resign themselves to this path.

Why us?

Thematic is the fastest and most reliable way to find insights in your customer feedback. We give companies insights into what matters the most to their customers – and what doesn’t.  We deliver these insights better, faster and more effectively than anyone else.

We think that customer insights work better when they’re shared throughout your company, and built into your ecosystem, laying a solid a foundation for business growth and retention strategies.

Our mission is to empower brands to understand and delight their customers through deep insights.

Who we are

Thematic was founded by Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg in 2016. Alyona has a PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. Her PhD, funded by Google, has shown that algorithms can be as accurate as people at figuring out the main topics in text. When she was approached by several companies wanting to understand key topics in what their customers are saying, she combined ideas from her PhD with the latest advances in NLP to create a new approach that became the core of what Thematic does.

Nathan was previously Chief Architect at Serato, a leading software solution for DJs with millions of paid users who rave about Serato’s products. He joined Alyona to create a product that can scale to true enterprise volumes while being easy to use for any consumer.

In 2017, they have completed YCombinator, the most exclusive startup accelerator in the world, which has produced the likes of AirBnB and Dropbox. Thematic was the only company to have signed YCombinator itself as a customer.

Backed by YCombinator, AirTree, Hoku, and Silicon Valley angel investors, Thematic has now grown to a team of 12 across United States and New Zealand.

Choose a better way – let Thematic analyze your data for you.

But most importantly, we are proud to have happy customers in the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, who are taking the voice of customer seriously and therefore succeed.

87% of our customers increase their NPS
by at least 8 points after using Thematic

Whether you are a Fortune 500 like ManpowerGroup and CBRE, a trailblazing unicorn like Stripe or Dropbox, or in fact, any company who wants to drive growth through customer insights, Thematic can help you achieve just that.

Join our team! See our job openings here.

[testimonial testimonial_name=”Nigel Warren” testimonial_profession=”User Experience at Thematic, Ex-Kickstarter” testimonial_image=”2915″ testimonial_content=”“I’m really excited to work with cutting edge technology and to do so in service of a genuinely useful goal – helping people understand large volumes of feedback so they can improve their own products.”” testimonial_alignment=”left” extra_class=”testi-reversed”]
[testimonial testimonial_name=”Alexandra Doulai” testimonial_profession=”R&D at Thematic, ex-Orion Health” testimonial_image=”2939″ testimonial_content=”“Thematic has a positive atmosphere, great tools and provides the chance to be a part of an energetic, successful company.”” testimonial_alignment=”left” extra_class=”testi-reversed”]

Contact details

643 Cole Street
San Francisco CA 94117
United States

+1 (415) 767-6197