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How To Build Your Own Feedback Analysis Solution

At Thematic, we’ve spent years researching, designing and developing our customer feedback analysis platform.  While I’d love for everyone to be using ours, I understand that you might have the resources, time and the data required to build one in-house.  There are benefits to building vs. buying. You can customize it to your needs. You can use it as much as you want!  But: You’ll still need to spend time maintaining and training others to…

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The true cost of not understanding customer feedback

Last year was a hard one for me!  To reset and recharge, I booked a 2-week retreat in a remote part of Peru.  To get there, I had to take a flight to San Salvador, stay there overnight, board onto another flight, take a boat trip, and then walk for 3 hours into the jungle.  As usual, I am most productive on the road, and this was a long one!  So here I am, getting…

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Quick Guide: How To Measure The Accuracy Of Feedback Analysis

When you consider using a new solution for customer feedback analysis, you’ll need to make sure it’s accurate and reliable. At Thematic we take accuracy seriously. We evaluate accuracy on every single dataset, and our approach depends on how much time is available.  There are three main approaches that you should consider.  Eyeballing [Easy Review: (1h)] Eyeballing the results: We use this approach at Thematic for every customer. First, we try to get to 80%…

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