The dreaded email survey: get your customers to respond

These days we have a tendency to talk at each other, instead of to each other. Think social media. There are a whole lot of voices out there screaming into the void. A social media monitoring company, Sysomos, looked at 1.2 billion tweets back in 2010 and found that 71% got no reaction. 23% of those tweets comprised @replies – or responses other than retweets. In the race to continually churn out more and more information, it’s…

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Customer Journey Management – it’s not just about the mapping!

As with any profession, customer experience is defined by a number of competencies, tools, techniques and methodologies that are recognised and practised by thousands of specialists around the world. It is a challenging profession for a variety of reasons – largely because it is not ‘black and white’. There is no one way of doing anything when it comes to Customer Experience.

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Commercializing AI research: Lessons learned and Thematic’s journey

– “Hey, aren’t you the creator of Maui?”– A few months ago, someone I didn’t know approached me at O’Reilly’s AI conference. – “Yes, I am”, I said, excited that someone still remembered my project, and a little sad too… It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve published Maui’s open-source code repository at the end of my PhD, and approximately 5 years since I stopped participating in its community forum. This is a story of…

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7 proven ways to get C-suite buy-in for your Customer Experience strategy

Are you feeling discouraged by a lack of buy-in from leadership for your customer experience (CX) strategies? Perhaps your objective is a clear CX focus for the leadership at your company, but no-one seems to support your ideas? You’re not alone. This is a very common scenario in the world of CX professionals globally. In the world of CX, there’s lots of discussion around corporate buy-in and ownership of CX principles, but what help is…

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What Chief Customer Officers can learn from YCombinator’s approach to disruption

What do Chief Customer Officers have in common with YCombinator? They are both driven by creating products and services that people want. Last week, I attended the Chief Customer Officers & Influencers conference in Atlanta. I got a chance to give a keynote on how companies can disrupt themselves through customer insights and this post summarizes some of the key points I made. Disruption Silicon Valley – way Coming to Atlanta from a YCombinator startup…

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Customer Experience Champions: Best Practices from the CX Veterans

I’ve just returned for Corinium’s Chief Customer Officers and Influencers conference in Atlanta. As someone who just joined the customer experience and insights industry four weeks ago, this felt like a capstone project where I was forced to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk.” It was humbling to meet these experts. The experience inspired me to share some of the Customer Experience best practices that we discussed.

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Customer Experience Update