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Why US airlines rank best or worst, according to passengers

Last week, ThePointsGuy published the 2018 “The Best And Worst Airlines In America”. According to Forbes’ interview with Brian Kelly, the author of the report, 9 airlines were reviewed using 10 objective criteria. Here, we extend this report by adding the element of customer perception according to online reviews.

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Why you need to mine positive scores for negative themes

Your survey results look awesome. The scores are high and customers seem generally happy. Most survey responses have top-box ratings, which means the customer selected one of the two highest rating options. Nothing to worry about, right? Not so fast. There might be a hidden danger lurking in those positive surveys. One client I worked with had as many of 5% of their top box survey scores contain negative comments. In other words, the score…

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Why word clouds harm insights

The picture above depicts Paul McCartney wearing a mullet. This article criticizes word clouds, the mullets of the Internet. :-) “Every time I see a word cloud presented as insight, I die a little inside” J. Harris, data journalist   If you are a manager, there is a high chance that you’ve encountered word clouds in reports on key company issues, such as customer service or employee satisfaction. I still remember the first time I encountered…

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