Automatically Tag & Theme your text feedback

Automate feedback analysis with our proprietary Thematic Analysis and Sentiment Analysis. Created specifically for feedback, these technologies gives you instant, intimate, and actionable understanding of what your customers say and how they feel.

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Don’t count words, understand them.

Our AI automatically builds a two-level taxonomy of themes and sub-themes from your dataset. This ensures you can listen to customers on their terms - understanding what they mean, beyond what they’ve said. If you only need keywords, it’s easy to see those too.

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See the feelings behind the words.

Sentiment Analysis is applied to the overall dataset, themes, sentences, and individual statements. Our AI is trained on millions of feedback pieces to achieve high accuracy and granularity you can trust. It’s easy to see how your customers feel, and why.

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Specifics together with big picture insights.

Explore insights at the level you need, from surface-level themes with detailed sub-themes to descriptive summarizations. Theme Volume shows you the topics most talked about, while Theme Impact pinpoints what’s affecting your metrics. Use data visualizations to get a clear and rich understanding of customer feedback.

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AI + Human in the loop

No matter how technical your product is, you’ll be up and running with accurate themes in days. There’s no need to manually set up taxonomy models. But if you have already built one, we can easily refine themes to fit. You can tailor themes to add your expert nuance: it’s low effort and low maintenance.

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I was blown away. We could easily drill down into themes and look at how they impact NPS score. They saved months of custom analysis.

Robbie Allan
Director of Product at Intercom

Thematic makes it easy to get actionable insight from our data. I really like the way the platform is able to quantify the impact of a particular topic or theme on our customer metrics.

Carlos Ryes
Executive Manager at Smith & Smith

With Thematic, we can walk teams through top issues while showing them specific feedback. We can set up our product roadmap better with clearer information about what people want

Sam Stokes
Director of Customer Experience at Melodics

The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.

Dr Maurice FitzGerald
VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard

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