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From Salesforce to Thematic

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and a platform for seeing the entire life cycle of your customers. An important part of this is tracking their satisfaction and Salesforce has a whole raft of different options for surveying samples of your customer base to find out how they are doing.


Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score® or NPS® is one of the most widely accepted ways of measuring customer satisfaction and has been shown to correlate with sales and customer retention.

Salesforce has loads of great integrations for capturing NPS scores and comments from customers. But once the data is collected the value lies in the comments, and those are harder to analyse.

Thematic has already proven the value and accuracy of applying our product to NPS surveys and you can now get these benefits inside Salesforce, regardless of which surveying platform you prefer.

All of your customers are important, and with the depth of knowledge you have about them in Salesforce you can find out what matters to them. Thematic’s integration can slice NPS responses using the data attached to each customer record. This means you can find out what makes your customers in Seattle different from those in Hong Kong or those on your lower plans from big spenders.

Turn these into actionable insights with Thematic. With a deeper analysis of the issues and challenges facing your business and a focus on bringing the important changes to light Thematic can help you choose a direction and prove its value to others in your organization.

Your product and the environment it is used in is constantly changing. Thematic can automatically capture themes as they emerge and show how their importance changes over time. Discover issues before they become overwhelming and respond as quickly as possible.

When you are able to analyse your customer’s responses in detail it provides a wealth of information and highlights actionable.

Not all themes are created equal. By analysing your customer’s responses Thematic can show you which themes drive customer satisfaction, not just which have the loudest voices. Discover the key drivers for your satisfaction scores, which themes correlate most highly, and the impact of individual themes on the overall score.

Thematic can show you what expectations your customers have that they will penalise you if you are missing, and what factors really set you apart from your competitors.

Thematic is based on 15 years of research and development and a core focus on continued innovation. There are no dictionaries, or hidden taxonomies. The themes we show come from your data and are what matters to your customers.

Interested in how you can use Thematic on your Salesforce data?

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