Thematic product features

Features of Thematic’s Customer Insight Solution

Survey-specific text analytics

Thematic handles survey specific features, such as comments that contain no real answers, multiple questions per survey and duplicates.

No training required

Thematic does not require pre-defined categories, training data or annotations. Thematic learns survey-specific paraphrases, synonyms and spelling mistakes from raw survey comments.

Code frame extraction

Thematic automatically suggests a code frame, a two-level hierarchy of themes, by using a bottom-up approach.

Emerging themes

With each new substantial update to an existing survey, Thematic can detect emerging themes, not present in the previous code frame.


Thematic is not a black box solution. What happens at each step is clear, and results can be adjusted if needed.

Multiple themes per comment

When applying the code frame to survey comments, each comment is not simply categorised. Each comment may contain multiple themes.

Sentiment analysis

Thematic assigns a sentiment score to each theme that captures how emotionally positive or negative people speak about that theme.

Emotional triggers analysis

Thematic can measure actions that trigger specific emotions in customers, such as trust, empathy and being valued.

Cross-language analysis

Thematic translates comments from 103 languages into English prior to the analysis.

Interactive visualisations

Interactive visualisations Thematic generates theme clouds, bar graphs, and time series graphs that provide an overview of key themes, changes in themes, and specifics on each theme, including sample survey comments.

Drill-down filters

Thematic uses filters in visualisations to highlight differences in customer segments.

Statistical analysis

Thematic provides key drivers analysis and other statistical data analysis to determine themes that matter the most.