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From Zendesk NPS to Thematic

Zendesk is the leading provider of software for creating better customer relationships. As part of this mission, they provide an NPS module for surveying your customers. The module will survey on an ongoing basis to track how your customers view your product or service. Thematic integrates directly with Zendesk to give detailed, accurate analysis of the comments your customers provide.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, is one of the most widely accepted ways of measuring customer satisfaction. As a tool, it has been shown to correlate with sales and customer retention.

If you are a Zendesk user, who hasn’t yet started to take advantage of this product, check out Zendesk’s guides: getting started with NPS. If you have already been using Zendesk’s NPS, read on to discover how to get the most of this feedback.

Zendesk natively handles the scoring and tracking of NPS. However, most of the value in an NPS survey is left in the comments. Thematic understands why customers left the feedback they did and makes it easy for you to uncover actionable insights.

Thematic has already proven the value and accuracy of applying our product to NPS surveys. You can now get these benefits in your Zendesk NPS survey.

If a customer has interacted with your support team then you already have a wealth of data about them. This includes areas of your product they are interested in and how they are using it. Thematic’s integration can slice NPS responses by the location and the custom fields added to tickets created by your customers. This means you can find out how the customer satisfaction of mobile users is different from desktop users. Also, whether the drivers for satisfaction are the same or different.

Overall, Thematic can provide deeper insights into the issues and challenges facing your business.

Your product and the environment it is used in is constantly changing. Thematic can automatically capture themes as they emerge and show how their importance changes over time. So, discover issues before they become overwhelming and respond as quickly as possible.

When you are able to analyze your customer’s responses in detail it provides a wealth of information.

Not all themes are created equal. However, by analyzing your customer’s responses, Thematic can show you which themes drive customer satisfaction, not just those with the loudest voices. Discover:

  • the key drivers for your satisfaction scores,
  • which themes correlate most highly, and
  • the impact of individual themes on the overall score.

Thematic can show you what expectations your customers have that they will penalize you for if they are missing. Furthermore, Thematic can show you what factors really set you apart from your competitors.

Thematic is based on 15 years of research and development and a core focus on continued innovation. There are no dictionaries, or hidden taxonomies. The themes we show come from your data and are what matters to your customers.

Interested in how you can use Thematic on your Zendesk NPS responses?

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