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5 Keys to Turn Customer Surveys into Action and Results: Key #1

Key #1: Let customers talk! (Ask open-ended survey questions)   Companies know that customer feedback matters.  There are more cost-effective (sometimes even free!) services than ever to solicit that feedback. However, too many businesses struggle to turn this feedback into action. In other words, they collect valuable data — then do nothing with it. At Thematic, we interview dozens of companies each month who collect feedback from their customers — both those who succeed and those…

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Thematic Analysis Software: How It Works & Why You Need It

You know you need to collect customer feedback. You send out surveys and read reviews. But once you have customer feedback in-hand, what do you do with it? How do you identify common themes in customer responses — and turn that into actionable business insights?   You could spend long hours sorting through walls of text, creating spreadsheets of themes and sentiments, and manually coding each open-ended question. But this takes precious headcount and a ton…

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Customer Experience Update