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Thematic is taking part in YCombinator!

We are excited to announce that Thematic is taking part in the Summer 2017 batch at YCombinator, a Platinum Plus tier U.S. startup accelerator according to Forbes, which has produced deca-unicorns like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe. Thematic + YCombinator: How it all happened In March 2017, we applied for YCombinator’s online course Startup School. Out of 50,000 applicants, they chose a few thousand, including us. This experience was valuable. We loved the accountability, the focus on…

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Actionable insights: can data analysis software deliver them?

When it comes to making sense of data, getting actionable insights is the holy grail. But what does this even mean? When is a finding an insight? When is an insight actionable? Can data analysis deliver them? Let’s get to the bottom of this by looking at some examples. Imagine, you have conducted a survey of 100,000 students, and you seek actionable insights for what to improve at a university. Non-insightful vs. Insightful Knowledge Non-insightful…

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Accuracy study – coding open-ended questions in a Net Promoter Score survey

Four people and several automated solutions were tested on a task of coding open-ended questions in a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. Their task: figure out the five key reasons behind an NPS survey and the five areas that could be improved. Here, we compare their performance using an academic metric of consistency. 250 students at a Swiss business school responded to a classical NPS survey with a scale question How likely are you to recommend the…

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Key take-aways from sentiment analysis symposium 2016

In July 2016, I was fortunate enough to speak at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York. It is one of the most important events for those who invent text analytics solutions and for those who use them. I also attended the co-located sentiment analysis tutorial run by Jason Baldridge. Overall, this was an excellent event to get up to speed on the current state of affairs and the future outlook. So, here are my…

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Why most customer feedback analysis tools suck and how to fix this

They collect scores into pretty dashboards, but don’t actually tell what the feedback is or how to achieve customer loyalty. Customer feedback analysis tools are all the rage, but most of them suck. If you ever left a review yourself, you will know that your score is not nearly as valuable as the review itself. Think about it: as a business, how useful is the average of 100 scores compared to 10 customer comments on…

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How to measure accuracy of coding survey responses

In this article, we explain how to evaluate the accuracy of coding survey responses. Whether coding is manual or automated, we recommend using the same method and explain here how it works in practice. Why measuring the accuracy of coding matters Responses to open-ended questions in surveys are full of valuable insight, but they need to be coded because of how diverse our language is. Traditionally coding is done by people, which has several disadvantages: 1. People are…

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