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The best dating apps 2018 ranked – which one finds you the big love?

I can’t deny feeling like channelling Carrie Bradshaw, as I sit in front of my MacBook, feverishly typing this post, sipping on my black coffee and thinking back to past dating experiences. Well, Carrie did not have the luxury of using the plethora of dating apps we do today. She didn’t have to – living in the dating mecca that is New York City, and having a Mr Big pretty much around every corner. Today,…

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Why invest in the Net Promoter Score?

Are you wondering whether to invest in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve your customer experience? The debate is rife amongst NPS evangelists and those who are more doubtful, so here I share some examples of companies who have invested in NPS and made real improvements.

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8 leadership strategies to create a high performing team

As a business leader, you want a high performing team that is there no matter what. Needs no drilling, committed to the job, and constantly learning and improving. Many leaders, regardless of industry, would agree that having the right attitude is more important than technical skills, in a lot of cases. As you know, technical skills can be taught, but attitude – not so much. How’s your working environment? You might be killing the motivation of…

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Customer Experience Update