Thematic drives improvements in global Net Promoter Score benchmark ratings

Thematic drives improvements in global Net Promoter Score benchmark ratings

Do you measure transactional Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Thematic has been working with a global telecommunications provider who has been measuring NPS using an established Voice-of-Customer platform for many years. But for 2018, the company set itself an ambitious goal: to significantly improve their transactional NPS.

Understand customer priorities and find insights

They decided to use Thematic for deep insights into customer verbatim to help them drive change to their processes and focus faster. As a result, over less than 9 months of using Thematic, they have improved their score significantly, propelling them in benchmark ratings across other operational markets.

With Thematic, this telecommunication provider augments their NPS measurements by finding specific themes in customer verbatims, understanding customer sentiment and the theme’s impact on NPS. Some of their objectives were to understand competitive and market segment insights, customer priorities and find actionable insights in data.

We talked to our customer contact at the company, about what her results have been with Thematic. She has recognized the ROI to business in such a short period of time.

Thematic clearly displays the impact on the customer experience

“What I love about Thematic is that it clearly displays the positive impact and the negative impact. And finding out ‘what is the NPS of a specific theme in feedback’”.  

This knowledge means they could determine where to act and how to drive operational changes quickly for maximum return.

Thematic identifies red flags

With Thematic, she can see what level of impact a customer issue has, and be able to alert the relevant teams to take action straight away.

“I’ll give you an example: a product manager came to me and said ‘we’ve got this complaint from an executive, we have about 80 customers having this issue but we don’t think it’s a real issue. Can you validate this?’. I said to her you have 90 customers who are talking about the product and the NPS for this is (minus) – 69%’. So, it’s a bigger issue than what you think it is”, she says.

How Thematic works alongside existing technologies

In our customer’s own words: “When we do deep dives, we used to take the root causes from our other VoC technology and manually go through text to categorize it ourselves. Now we do a combo with our VoC technology and Thematic.”

“Thematic allows us to see that our front-line teams aren’t closing the loop effectively. Because our customers are actually saying this.”

“When we look at the root cause in our other VoC technology the challenge is that it’s all emotionally driven by the front-line team – it has a biased view on it. Whereas Thematic doesn’t, it is objective.”

“With Thematic, we can, for example, see that “customers are clearly upset about our web app, so [the analyst teams] are likely not tagging them properly”. 

“Internally, people often dispute the closed loop in our VoC platform, because it’s the output of someone internally creating a category. But, no one disputes Thematic because it comes directly from what customers say.”

Their Net Promoter Score is continually rising

“We have usually been tracking among the lower NPS, compared to different international markets. We’ve now pushed into the middle of the pack, which has never happened before, and we’ve beaten Germany. A big chunk of that is thanks to using Thematic. We can see what the issues are straight away.”

“Now I think we can hit our targets”

“We have a very ambitious goal for the year, which is being led from the top. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t believe we were going to get there, and I thought “oh, my job just got really hard this year”. But now, halfway through, I actually think we can do it.”

“One of the things I get out of Thematic is to see that in relation to our people, if they’re friendly, efficient, helpful and so on, if we [keep doing this], we will get higher NPS. And off the back of that, we’ve started doing more cross-training, and that’s given us our biggest lifts of NPS. Thanks to Thematic, we know where to focus to drive the change.”

Leading the way for great customer experiences

“It is a powerful story to tell our operations managers, to be able to blow away the myth that people are the problem. That’s always been a challenge for contact centres. With Thematic, we no longer have to do deep-dives on people. 

“Previously I used to have to do a deep-dive on people nearly every month. Now I do it just for fun! That’s because senior leaders see all the complaints from customers, but what they don’t see, and what Thematic shines a massive light on, is all the great things that our people do.”

Continuing this trend, this telecommunication provider hopes to have reached their goal by the end of the year and looks forward to continuing to work with Thematic to further increase their NPS.

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