How to combine science and emotion for customer experience success [video]

How to combine science and emotion for customer experience success [video]

If you missed our recent webinar with customer experience expert Maurice Fitzgerald and Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic, check out the highlights here.

Maurice is former VP of Customer Experience at HP, author of 4 books on customer experience strategy and the Net Promoter Score. Alyona talked to Maurice about how we can achieve a successful customer experience by combining emotions and science, using Behavioural Economics.


You’ll learn:

  • Why your CX will fail if you depend only on rational  communication – there’s a better way
  • How behavioural economics can benefit customer experience
  • What the most important traits of a customer experience professional are
  • How to get sponsorship as a CX professional
  • Some useful real-life examples
  • And more!

Meet your hosts:

  • Maurice FitzGerald, Author of four books on customer-centric strategy among which: Customer Experience Strategy – Design and Implementation, Net Promoter – Implement the System and Customer-centric Cost Reduction.
  • Maurice is Former VP Customer Experience HP Software and former manager of the 23,000-member Net Promoter System (NPS) Forum on LinkedIn. Currently, he helps companies to improve customer experience and their methods of developing and implementing business strategy. See for more info.
  • Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic.  Alyona has a PhD in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Thematic is SaaS dedicated to analyzing customers’ feedback and finding hidden insights with AI-driven Text Analytics.


Enjoy the video!

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