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Introducing Thematic's Bold New Look: A Brand Refresh for the Future of Feedback

We've done it! We've refreshed our brand to better reflect our company's growth, values, and vision for the future.

As a leader in feedback management and analytics, Thematic has evolved tremendously since its inception in 2017.

Now, in 2023, we're thrilled to introduce our refreshed visual brand. In this post, we're sharing the "why" behind the update, the thoughtful design choices, and more.

The Story Behind the Refresh

Thematic was originally founded by Dr. Alyona Medelyan and Nathan Holmberg in 2017. Since then, our platform has empowered thousands of people across the world with the tools needed to unlock the true value of customer feedback. Thematic helps some of the world's most renowned enterprises get customer insights to build better products and customer experiences.

Although our initial logo served us well, this year we decided it was time for a change. We needed a visual brand that reflects our forward-thinking approach to feedback analytics, the customers we serve, and our cutting-edge technology.

Refreshing Our Image

Our primary goal with the brand refresh is to stand out among industry leaders, demonstrating our innovative spirit and the high caliber of insights we deliver. Thematic sets itself apart from competitors as the most trusted provider of innovative text analytics for feedback. We've been AI-powered from the outset, always working with the best models to unlock trusted, accurate insights from customer feedback straight out of the box.

A Design Inspired by Our Customers

When redesigning our logo, we opted for a deep purple hue mixed with a coral accent. This combination represents the innovative and dynamic nature of our customers, injecting a sense of richness, depth, and stability into the design.

The typography choices for both the logo and general communications are clean and personable, reflecting Thematic's approachable nature and conversational tone. At the same time, the slightly geometric characteristics of the fonts harmonize with the logo's design, forming a unified visual style.

The Rollout: Introducing Our Refreshed Brand

We're implementing our refreshed brand in two phases.

Phase 1 will see the new design featured on our website, blog, social media channels, sales and marketing materials, and Thematic customer communications. Additionally, the product login page features the updated branding.

In Phase 2, we'll update the product analysis UI, workflows, and other features to reflect our new visual identity.

As Thematic continues to drive success for businesses worldwide, our refreshed brand is a testament to our growth and commitment to the future.

This evolution is more than just a coat of new paint: it signifies our dedication to innovation, providing the best possible insights, and exceptional service. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments as we continue to pioneer a new future in feedback analytics.

Ready to scale customer insights from feedback?

Our experts will show you how Thematic works, how to discover pain points and track the ROI of decisions. To access your free trial, book a personal demo today.

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