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Thematic's AI guarantees accurate customer feedback analysis to help you win in the experience economy.

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Why did our NPS drop this month? Our detractors churn 4x as much as our promoters -- what's the difference? Where should we focus to most improve our customer experience?

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Before Thematic:

Data Rich, Insights Poor

  • Siloed and unreadable feedback
  • Anecodotal reporting
  • Impossible to track progress

With Thematic:

Unwavering customer focus

  • Accessible feedback and analysis
  • Interactive in-depth reports
  • Quantified impact of each action

Here’s how it works

Our AI analyzes customer feedback from survey tools, CRMs, support platforms, app reviews, and more. And don't worry—no coding or data science required!

We surface emergent, specific themes that are easy to understand and meaningful for your business. The Thematic dashboard graphs and visualizes these insights.

Thematic helps spread these insights across departments through email notifications of weekly and monthly trends, templated PowerPoint reports, and reports specially designed to show the most relevant information to mid-level managers.

For medium to large companies in any industry

Thematic works with companies of 100 people or more. And our technology works equally well whether you have 500 customer comments or 100,000, making it adaptable to your needs as you scale. We’re trusted by companies across industries, including:

Thematic enables us to deliver more powerful insights than ever and make more data-driven decisions

Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
Director of Consumer Insights at

This is the tool of the future. It reduces my analytics time tenfold.

Matthew Schoolfield
Customer Insight Manager, Greyhound

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