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Your customers are telling you what to act on. But you struggle to make sense of all this feedback. Powered by AI, Thematic is the easiest way to discover the best insights in feedback. Act on what matters to your customers and make an impact.

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Reduction in Calls after taking action on Thematic insights
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Thematic lets us quickly turn unstructured feedback from across channels into clear insights that directly inform our product roadmap and corporate strategy.
Michael Sherwood
Head of Customer Experience
20 points
Increase in NPS after aligning teams around customer insights
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With Thematic everyone has data at their fingertips to see how they can improve customer processes, every day. Thematic is a one stop shop to find out what customers think about your company and what you can do to make them think more highly of you.
Matt Schoolfield
Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC
$200k +
Saved in labour by automating feedback coding with Thematic
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Thematic enabled the product team and leadership to quickly dig into the biggest problems, at a city and a national level, within minutes. It saved us a lot of researcher time and company money, giving us time to delve into issues and identify solutions.
Arianna McClain
Director of insights
Reduction in analysis time by automating different sources of feedback
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Off the back of the insights we’ve had the biggest lifts in NPS. Thematic helps us identify themes in customer feedback informing where our teams should focus their attention. We use Thematic to prioritise and design the changes we make.
Tania Parangi
NPS Evolution Manager
Top 3
Customer issues quickly identified by combining feedback sources
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With Thematic, I always know what issues customers are talking about. There's no way I could do this manually — it would take literally all of my time.
Stephanie Michaud
Senior Account Executive
Increase in NPS by uncovering clear understanding of product issues
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Thematic helped settle the internal debates we were having on what mattered. The analysis was clear, visual and it was quick to see what had an impact, or didn’t, on our NPS.
Sam Gribben

Quickly find answers in feedback that help you prioritize improvements

Why Thematic

Our award-winning text analytics, powered by AI, help you easily prioritise improvements for customer, product or employee experiences.

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Fast and accurate

Just add feedback. Thematic finds specific actionable themes and organizes them. You can edit and customize. Discover unknown unknowns - automatically.
Text analytics

Clear visual answers

Purpose-built visualizations answer your questions right out of the box. What impacts your metrics, what works, what doesn't, what's new.
Feedback reporting

Single view of your customer

Packaged integrations with the systems you already use for surveys, social, contact center etc. Consistent and unified analysis.
Unified data analytics

You’re in good company

Over 7,000 insights, analyst, CX, product and HR managers use Thematic

We gave them data and they gave it back with themes and insights. We could easily drill down into themes and look at how they impact NPS scores. Thematic saved months of custom analysis.
Robbie Allan
Robbie Allan
Director of Product
Thematic enables us to deliver more powerful insights than ever and make more data-driven decisions. Knowing where the pain points are and knowing where we’re receiving kudos from people is huge.
Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
Head of User Research
Thematic is a very intuitive tool. It boasts a robust level of granularity allowing the user to see the general breadth of themes, dig into the sub themes and further into the sentiment of the text itself. The Thematic customer success team show great compassion and always seek to understand our specific needs.
Artem Chekovechkov
Artem Chekovechkov
With Thematic it was clear, visual and quick to see what had an impact, or didn’t, on our NPS.
Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes
Director of Customer Experience
Thematic has a great UI and is very intuitive, with not much training required to start using the software. You need to understand what you need to do in order to change performance. Thematic does that.
Melanie Disse
Melanie Disse
Customer Research Specialist
Thematic makes it easy to get actionable insight from our data. I really like the way the platform is able to quantify the impact of a particular topic or theme on our customer metrics.
Carlos Ryes
Carlos Ryes
Belron/Smith & Smith
The results are the best I have seen from any feedback analytics software solution I have tested by a clear margin.
Dr Maurice FitzGerald
Dr Maurice FitzGerald
VP of Customer Experience
Hewlett Packard
Their layered approach is particularly flexible and has provided the ability to tune and customize the output to meet business needs.
Brian Potter
Brian Potter
Data Scientist
We've tried manual and automated solutions and have found Thematic to be the most effective and sustainable approach.
Troy Stanton
Troy Stanton
Head of Consumer Insights
Sky TV
We especially like how transparent the solution is. Our clients shy away from "black boxes" and need to understand (and trust) the science behind the art. We've been able to tell our clients EXACTLY what they need to focus on and most importantly, we've been able to demonstrate, with real evidence, exactly how much of an impact specific issues customers mention have on their experiences and care.
Desmond McGuirk
Desmond McGuirk
CFS Australasia
With Thematic we’ve been translating customer behaviour to specific business divisions who are able to take action based off the insights, a profitable exercise. Nicholas and Nick were a great help in understanding how we can best use Thematic to understand changing and evolving customer themes.
Dustin Lewis
Dustin Lewis
Customer Insights Manager
We’ve (used Thematic to) make sense of thousands of open-end comments to understand what is driving NPS — it helps tell a cohesive narrative between quantitative +qualitative data. The team is easy to work with: very responsive and open to feedback to customize the tool to our needs.
Allison Schoer
Allison Schoer
Insights professional
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Thematic has all the tools and integrations you need to quickly turn your text feedback into actionable insight

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For medium or large businesses
• Custom analysis of one or multiple datasets
• Ability to test full Thematic's functionality
• Personalized, ongoing support from expert team
• Security pre-assessment, access to SOC2
• Connect all feedback through integrations
• Track impact of theme and subthemes on metrics
• Over time tracking for drivers of improvements
• Purpose built and custom reporting
• Assess initiatives for success
• Over 20 additional features
Limited trial
For individual researchers & analysts
• Upload 100 to 500 pieces of feedback
• Single dataset or one-off analysis
• Discover & customize themes
• Drill down into themes
• Compare two data segments

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