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Product update: Introducing Labels and Theme Summarization

We're excited to share our recent updates that are now live for you to explore!

Our labels update helps you to get more value from your feedback data, while summarization makes it easier and faster to get insight into how to address an issue.

Now Live: Labels

You can now add labels to individual comments within Thematic for organization & filtering purposes.

Think about filtering for follow-up interviews, marketing campaigns or specific product features: if a comment stands out to you for any reason, Labels gives you a way to easily categorize and find it again.

Adding tags is easy: just click the “Add label” button next to any comment, select a tag, or create a new one.

Then, when you’re analyzing feedback, you can filter your data using any of your tags.

Labels is a flexible and open-ended feature.

Here are a few ways our customers are currently using tagging:

  • Feature Areas

Often, customer comments don’t line up neatly with the names you use for your product features.

Reading feedback for a music streaming software, comments mention:

  • “difficult to reorder”,
  • others talk about “deleting is unreliable”,
  • and yet others talk about “can’t shuffle”.

These comments are all discussing the playlist feature in the app, but the comments contain a variety of separate themes. Labels are useful for grouping data like this.

For label power users, we’ve even built the ability to create a 2-level label hierarchy. So you can create label structures like:

  • Performance
    • Front End
    • Back End
  • UI
    • Visual Design Issue
    • UX Issue
  • Customer Outreach

If you want to talk to a customer who left insightful feedback in your next round of research interviews, or reach out to people who left especially angry feedback, add an “Interview” label to comments.

  • Marketing Campaigns

Label comments that contain keywords relating to marketing campaigns you’re running. Then you can share data on what your customers are saying that relates to it.

  • Starred Comments

When you share your feedback analysis, you’ll want to include some illustrative example comments. Using labels, you can star particular comments for later use.

Introducing: Theme Summarization

Theme summarization is now available for all Thematic customers! One of our most requested features, summarization closes the insights gap between themes in your feedback and all the comments that relate to that theme.

At the click of a button, the summarization tool pulls clusters of conversations that have arisen most for a selected theme, giving a summarization that's instant and specific.

This provides an exact understanding of a customer pain point or opportunity, and is particularly useful when you need to dive deeper into themes without reading hundreds of individual comments.

For example, we can see that “boarding” is a huge topic in airline passenger feedback. But what are people saying about it?

Previously you had two options: you could scan through a bunch of comments, or you could take some time to refine the boarding theme. Summarization is quicker than both of these.

With the click of a button, Thematic groups sentences related to a theme into clusters.

Now we can easily see that a lot of “boarding” feedback is related to having to get off the plane shortly after boarding, not getting a boarding pass, or boarding gate changes.

Get more detail when you need it

You can expand each summary to read all the grouped sentences. If you want to see the context for a sentence, click it to see the full comment it comes from.


Summarization is especially useful in conjunction with filters. If you’re focusing on feedback from your early adopter audience, for example, just filter your data to summarize their comments only.

Constantly updated

Summarization is always performed live. So as new data comes into Thematic, you’ll generate up-to-date summaries every time!

Test the summarization feature on a theme next time you login to Thematic.

Feel free to reach out to Thematic at any time for assistance.

Join our Slack community where you can leave feedback on these features, and ask questions about them to the wider community and Thematic staff.

Have a great day.

Ready to scale customer insights from feedback?

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