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Thematic Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network

Alyona Medelyan
Alyona Medelyan

New York, NY –  Thematic today announced that it has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network.

Enhanced by this partnership through Nielsen’s Global Connect business, Thematic’s proprietary approach, which combines AI and human input to rapidly and continuously surface insights that are more relevant and detailed than legacy text analytics approaches, will change the way clients–including LinkedIn and DoorDash–identify, prioritize and measure the impact of new product features and investments, while reducing analytics time.

Within the agreement, Thematic will utilize Nielsen data to enhance their ability to identify themes in open-ended survey responses, reviews and other qualitative feedback in order to quantify their impact on growth, loyalty and operational metrics.

“This partnership makes so much sense,” said Dr. Alyona Medelyan, Thematic’s co-founder and CEO. “Our core focus is understanding customer feedback at scale, and this capability becomes even more powerful when feedback analysis is paired with rich quantitative data. Nielsen has exceptional quantitative and qualitative data, along with a robust set of solutions for operationalizing insights.”

“We are excited to continue expanding the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, which fuels a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Connect Partner Network, Nielsen. “Through the unmatched breadth of our collaborative ecosystem of trustworthy and innovative partners, our clients are uniquely positioned to solve their biggest problems and stay ahead of a rapidly changing consumer landscape.”

The Nielsen Connect Partner Network is the industry’s largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.  Since launching in 2016, this ecosystem has been instrumental in driving business value for more than 150 unique Nielsen clients by simplifying industry collaboration, providing more relevant and accurate results from partners that better align to the way clients measure their business.

About Thematic

Thematic helps companies understand and act on what their customers are saying. Our proprietary approach lets companies like Doordash, Greyhound and LinkedIn combine artificial and human intelligence to understand issues that matter to customers, quantify their impact on loyalty and growth, and prioritize the most impactful responses. For more information, visit


Alyona Medelyan

Alyona is one of the founders of Thematic. Her love of writing comes from spending years of publishing papers during her PhD. She believes customer feedback should be top of mind at every company.