Why is your customer experience not improving? [video]

Why is your customer experience not improving? [video]

Are you doing “all the right things” but your customer experience (CX) is still not improving?

There might be hidden forces preventing you from reaching your customer experience goals.

Watch our webinar with CX expert Megan Burns, (keynote speaker, executive advisor and Former Vice President Principal Analyst, CX at Forrester. She built an extensive body of research on CX transformation, leadership, empathy, and emotion. Among her most popular work is Forrester’s CX Management Maturity Model), and Agi Marx (Director of Digital Marketing, Thematic) where we discuss how to turn things around.

 You’ll learn this – and more:

  • How you could be doing CX, much better
  • How the language we use keeps us tied to old ways of thinking about customers and the business – and how to reframe your thinking
  • How the power of routines keeps us doing things the way we always have, even when we don’t want to – and how to change this

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