Customer-centric leadership – Lessons from Jeanne Bliss [video]

Customer-centric leadership – Lessons from Jeanne Bliss [video]

If you missed our webinar “Customer-centric leadership – Lessons from Jeanne Bliss, catch the recording here!

Who’s doing the talking?

  • Jeanne Bliss, CEO, Customer Bliss: She’s not only driven a 95% loyalty rate at Land’s End and Microsoft, but also written successful books including “Chief Customer Officer 2.0” and “Would you do that to your mother?” More info here.
  • Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic: PHD in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Runs Thematic, a SaaS company for analyzing customer feedback. Thematic uses proprietary word-class Text Analytics technology developed based on 15+ years of Alyona’s research in NLP and Machine Learning.

Enjoy the video!

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