How to leverage AI to improve your Customer Experience [video]

How to leverage AI to improve your Customer Experience [video]

If you missed our popular webinar on how AI can improve customer experience, catch the recording here!

In this webinar recording, you’ll get an insight from industry experts on how AI can be applied to the customer experience.

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You’ll learn:

  • What AI, Machine and Deep Learning is and how Natural Language Processing fits into this
  • What the difference is between Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, and examples of applications
  • How to get actionable insights from data
  • Some real-world use cases of companies who’ve used AI to improve the customer experience

Who’s doing the talking?

  • Maurice FitzGerald, author and former VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard
  • Nick Stroud, at the time of the webinar Nick was the Director of Brand Loyalty at Manpower Group, leading the global CX strategy and NPS implementation; demonstrates use cases
  • Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic, shares her expertise in the field of AI and Machine Learning


  1. What is AI in simple terms (3:03)
  2. How do you best use predictive analysis (10:38) and prescriptive analysis (19:08)
  3. How to get actionable insights (24:37)
  4. How to get insights from feedback / ManpowerGroup Case Study (30:25)
  5. Questions (36:44)
  6. Key takeaways (48:25)

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