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Product Update: Feedback Summarizer

We're excited to expand our generative AI-powered features to further improve your feedback analysis experience!

Users want an easy way to summarize their data across the board, to instantly understand how and why their score has changed, or what customers are requesting the most.

This is exactly what Theme Summarizer does for any selected theme or sub-theme in the Analysis tools. We've had a lot of great feedback on this feature, and our product team have worked around the clock to expand it across the platform - creating Feedback Summarizer.


Feedback Summarizer operates on a slightly higher level than the theme summaries. It's all about that bird's eye view, providing helpful, accurate summaries in your Dashboard, your Themes tab, and your Score Change tab.

Summaries in your Dashboard

In your Dashboard, add a Summary widget (or widgets!) to get an easy to read overview of your data. You can leave this unfiltered, or choose a focus, like all issues, or negative feedback.

Options for the summary widget in your Dashboard

For example, you may have a support center manager on your team that only has access to a shared Dashboard.

They're keen to understand common issues, questions and requests, so they can keep FAQs up to date and prepare their team for new issues customers may be contacting support about.

Set up the relevant summary widgets, and they'll be able to get the gist of what's happening.

Summary widgets in the dashboard
A few of the summary widget options - these summaries are for a running app

You can also enable summaries for existing dashboard widgets, so you can access - and share - targeted summaries for what matters most to your team.

Key negative drivers widget - with a summary showing for Distance Tracking
Key negative drivers widget - with a summary showing for Distance Tracking

Here's the list of all the widgets you can enable summaries for - anything with clickable themes!

  • Top themes by volume
  • Changes in most common themes
  • Key negative drivers of score
  • Key positive drivers of score
  • Recently emerged rare themes
  • Largest changes in theme mentions
  • Largest changes in score

Summaries in Themes and Score Change tabs

In Analysis Tools, under the Themes and Score Change tabs, Feedback Summarizer provides summaries and context around the overall filtered data - you don't have to select a specific theme to get a summary.

Filter by date, by customer segment, feedback category - whatever suits your needs. See a comparative summary when you use the comparison filters, which show you the similarities and differences between the baseline and comparison.

Overall summary in the Themes tab
Overall summary in the Themes tab

This makes it heaps easier to get started using Thematic's Analysis tools. New analysts can see which areas are worth a closer look. The summaries have a one-click copy function too, making it quick and easy to use them when building reports.

Summary in the Score Change tab
Summary in the Score Change tab

How does it work?

Here at Thematic we’re continually working on ways to help you get insight from your data. Generative AI has huge potential to shake up the insights world, and we're working to securely incorporate Large Language Models (LLMs) to supercharge your analysis tools.

Our LLM-powered Summarizer tools work insanely well because the existing rules and guardrails within Thematic guide them. It’s our existing knowledge of themes in feedback that makes Generative AI so powerful and useful!

This means our new tools are not subject to ‘hallucinations’ - the output is tied to your data. Generated summaries will always be consistent with what is in your data.

Take a look the next time you log in to Thematic, and enjoy helpful, accurate summaries at your fingertips! Feel free to reach out to Thematic at any time for assistance.

And don’t forget - you can leave feedback on this feature and ask questions about it in our LinkedIn group!

Ready to scale customer insights from feedback?

Our experts will show you how Thematic works, how to discover pain points and track the ROI of decisions. To access your free trial, book a personal demo today.

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