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Unlocking contextual insights with Levels to build a better product

A US-based health and wellness company, Levels helps people see how food affects their health. Users wear a bio-sensor which tracks blood glucose levels to show which foods impact them most.

With thousands of people on a waiting list, Levels needed their product to delight early adopters and generate positive reviews. Keeping this in mind, Levels gathered Net Promoter Score and other survey feedback to help them build the best possible product.

From prior experience with large-scale research surveys, they knew feedback analytics were essential. This is because fast and accurate analysis of customer feedback provides a clear direction for the product team and maximizes their chance of success.

Levels used Thematic to automatically make sense of the thousands of text feedback responses they received. The results were then filtered through Thematic’s intuitive reports and charts.

This approach provided contextual understanding of themes in the data and made it easy to identify key pain points. Engineers and product teams quickly grasped the subtleties and context of important issues, and knew where to focus.

How Thematic helped:

  • Automated and sped up analysis of open text feedback (in a flexible, affordable way)
  • Tailored theme model to best investigate specific questions (flexible, fast)
  • Provided high level and deeply granular insights to drive product decisions


As Head of Member Experience at Levels, Chris deals with large volumes of feedback about how members use their product. Data comes in via NPS, CSAT and adhoc product surveys. Transforming this data to understand user experience is vital.  Chris needs to be able to extract actionable insights to share with his team to make the best possible product decisions.

The Challenge

Along with an NPS survey, Chris needed to analyze results from a UX product survey. This comprised six open-ended questions about product features from design and product teams. With 2700 responses, analysis would take forever to do by hand.


Chris pulled the survey data into Thematic, and worked with Thematic’s Customer Success team to refine the theme model. After applying the model to their data, Chris filmed a five-minute demo for his team, and invited them to explore to their heart’s content. Because Thematic is easy to use, the team quickly dove into the data, finding insights that were both specific and actionable.


For Levels, specificity is key. Knowing customers have an issue with an aspect of the product isn’t enough. They need answers on a granular level to learn, if not how to fix it, then at least the best direction to take. With Thematic, Levels can focus on specifics in user experiences and be more human-centered in their design solutions.

Ready to scale customer insights from feedback?

Our experts will show you how Thematic works, how to discover pain points and track the ROI of decisions. To access your free trial, book a personal demo today.

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