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Product update: new filters

We’ve made some exciting changes to our filters, making it faster and easier to hone in on new discoveries and specificities. We also have new filtering options and the ability to filter by themes!

Say you want to know what's happening during onboarding. The 'onboarding' theme might cover 'on boarded', 'started using' and 'implementation'. You can filter by this theme to see all the other positive and negative themes being mentioned and the impact they have on 'onboarding'. You might find that 20% of people mentioning onboarding have issues with integrations.

If you want to hone in on a segment - like iPhone users - but can't remember if it's under Device or App version, now you can just search for it. Thematic will also show anyone who mentioned iPhone incl variations like 'iOS' and 'Apple phone'.

New: we've added universal search to filters

Use the new universal search box to type in exactly what you’re after and find the filter you need.

Search one, search all! Quickly and easily search your themes for multiple keywords with our upgraded free text search.

New: Themes filter

You can now filter by theme! This new filter makes it simple to get deeper granularity. Previously, the view of how themes related to each other -  by volume and impact - was limited to the top ten entries.

Now, as well as the smaller snapshot, you can use filters to see the full list of themes. Filter by multiple themes and segments to discover specific connections in your data.

For example, say you’re interested in the theme ‘website’ - you can see exactly what other themes are mentioned and their frequency. You can also filter by multiple themes!

You can also get a full picture of how other themes impact the score attributed to the theme you're looking at, whether they drag it down or push it up.

Filtering by theme helps you pull out more detail than previously possible. You can also quickly identify comments that contain several specific themes.

Key points

  • All your existing filters will still be available
  • All filters are available by scrolling
  • Click on a filter to see its options in an expanded window
  • You can select multiple options in one filter by clicking them (no more multi-select toggle)
  • Select a comparative set of filters using the same 'Compare with' option

Have a play with the updated filters when you next log in to Thematic! We’re always looking for feedback, so please let us know what’s working well for you, and what you think could be improved.

You can share feedback via our Slack community, or message Customer Success directly - we're always happy to hear from you.

Have a great day!

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