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Your most important personalized insights always up to date

The Thematic Dashboard summarizes key insights each month. It can be configured for specific business roles and functions.

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Quickly discover insights in each customer segment

The Thematic Comparison tool lets you quickly see the relative importance of each theme and subtheme and compare the differences between two segments of data.

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Prioritize with confidence

With Thematic's Impact tool, you can easily calculate not just what is mentioned the most, but also what each theme’s impact is on overall satisfaction and loyalty. You can easily understand what drives those scores.

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Combine your unique knowledge with powerful AI

The Themes Editor shows how each theme was created. You can adjust themes to suit your company terminology and unique needs using a simple drag and drop UI.

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Compare specific segments for deep insights

Thematic pivot tables let you compare each theme across different segments of your customer data, such as demographic, product, and customer tenure.

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Be the first to know when something has gone wrong

The world has never moved faster. At any given moment an issue may arise or a new competitor may start occupying a customer’s mind. Thematic helps you stay one step ahead by surfacing emerging trends as they unfold in real time. You know, the type of issues that you are not tracking because they didn’t exist yet. Next time someone pings you about an issue, instead of saying “oh crap. thanks for letting us know,” you can say “yes we are aware of the situation and have a team working on resolution.”

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Thematic is a truly innovative approach to qualitative analysis. I haven’t seen other solutions providing these links and associations in the data. Their visualizations are easy to understand and they provided a detailed snapshot of a situation or experience. The findings provide instant evidence for data-driven decision making.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen
CEO of Androit Research

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