Three reasons why Thematic is the best alternative to Kapiche for accurate, in-depth text analytics

If you’re looking for alternatives to Kapiche to help you understand your customers, you’re in the right place! Here’s why Thematic is the best solution to turn your feedback overload into actionable insights:


Thematic’s theme taxonomy is more flexible and specific

Unlike other solutions, Kapiche doesn’t use code frames or taxonomies at all. They discover prominent words in text and then use contextual links between these words for users to discover themes of interest. This makes for fast analysis, but makes it harder to dig into your data and understand what’s most important and why. Instead of themes, the most frequently mentioned keywords are presented in a word cloud format, with lines connecting them to related words. Thematic uses a unique bottom-up approach to discover all themes in text. We automatically build a hierarchical code frame from text, and you can easily adjust it to make it more relevant. Themes are custom, industry specific, and can be refined quickly and easily. This means you get the best of both worlds: analysis is specific to your dataset, occurs in real time, and is organized in a way that makes it easy to understand exactly what’s happening and changing in your data.


Thematic makes it easier to discover what matters most

With Kapiche, you need to build out queries to better understand the data. It takes time to learn to create queries that are useful, and the available filters are limited. On the surface, Kapiche is very much plug and play, but this applies mostly to surface insights. To achieve sophisticated results takes considerable skill and support.

Thematic has several native features that make it easy to pull insights from your data, no matter your skill level. An example is our Theme Summarizer feature, which is powered by Generative AI and provides straightforward, accurate summaries of what your customers are saying. Large Language Models are a huge leap forward in AI, and Thematic is committed to securely embedding this new tech throughout the platform.

Need to slice and dice your data in multiple ways? Thematic's filters are fast and easy to use. Filter by date, score, impact, theme, sentiment, demographic data, or comments containing certain keywords - to name just a few! Filters have universal search enabled, so it's easy to find what you need. Use the comparison filter to pit different segments against each other and make new discoveries!


Thematic offers more bang for your buck without user and support limitations

Unless you’re an Enterprise customer with a custom pricing plan, Kapiche puts strict limits in place - and yet it still costs more than Thematic’s entry level plan. Support is limited to live chat only and projects are restricted to ten columns of data. All Thematic customers have access to ongoing support, and plans are set by the number of feedback comments, which makes it far more flexible and applicable to more project types. Overall, Thematic is more budget friendly, and delivers higher quality analytics and insights.

Thematic compared to other solutions

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