Three reasons why Thematic is the best alternative to Medallia for leveraging customer feedback

If you’re looking for an alternative to Medallia’s built-in analytics, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why Thematic is the best option for turning your customer feedback into accurate, actionable insights:


Thematic’s theme taxonomy is more flexible and specific

Medallia uses a primarily rule-based approach to analyze text, which requires a theme structure to be built out first. This approach works well, especially for companies in industries where issues are likely to stay the same, but it’s time-consuming to set up. If you have a new or unfamiliar dataset, you can’t simply pipe it into Medallia for analysis - the set up steps have to be completed again. Once this is complete, new themes can be identified in your data. Thematic uses a unique bottom-up approach to discover all themes in text. The AI automatically builds a hierarchical code frame from text, which you can easily adjust to make more relevant. Themes are custom, industry specific, and can be refined on the spot. If you have a new dataset, you can connect it to Thematic and dive into the analysis with very little set up time.


Thematic makes is easy to understand what your customers are saying - without reading thousands of comments

Medallia is great at organizing your data into themes (called topics in their tool) and indicating which issues have the highest volume. But it doesn’t provide an easy way of understanding each theme. Because findings are often generic, you have to read through your customer comments to understand what's going on, and why it matters.

In Thematic, it's easy to filter your feedback by what matters to you, so you can get specific, actionable insights at your fingertips. Even better, Thematic's LLM-powered Theme Summarizer feature provides an instant summary of any theme, so you can get the gist without having to trawl through all the comments.


Thematic is easier to use, set up and administer - without the hefty price tag!

Because Medallia uses rule-based theme modeling it takes considerable time to get set up. And any required changes or customizations can’t be actioned directly. A Medallia specialist needs to configure any changes for you, which again takes time.

With Thematic, you’re in control. You’re up and running within days, and you can make changes to themes and applied sentiment without contacting support. If you do need help, your CS representative is there. Looking at comparisons between Medallia and Thematic on G2, reviewers found Thematic much easier to use, and preferred working with Thematic overall.

Medallia works with you to develop a custom package of products suited to your company’s needs. With a custom package comes a custom price tag, but it usually sits around the $250K mark, plus costs for implementation and support.

Thematic compared to other solutions

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