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How Greyhound reduces analytics time tenfold, with Thematic Text Analytics

A great example of a company who has transitioned from time-consuming, manual customer feedback analysis to AI-powered, fast text analytics, practically in no time, is Greyhound. circle

How to make your life easier, as a consumer insights professional

Here’s how simplified their customer insights, and moved away from manual to a fully AI-driven solution, with the help of Thematic.


Understand your subscribers

Sky TV needed to understand the reasons behind company metrics such as viewing experience and customer service NPS. This case study demonstrates three sample insights delivered by Thematic.


Student satisfaction at a Swiss business school

When SBS wanted to understand their students’ perceptions and find areas for improvement, they decided to run an NPS survey. Here, we show how Thematic helped to decipher student responses and find valuable insights.


Text Analytics for Market Research

Infotools, an international market research technology company, successfully tested Thematic on a tricky task, figuring out key issues for telco customers across several European countries, and decided to integrate it firmly into their service offering.


Big Aha! moments through customer insights

Melodics’ aim was to understand what users actually wanted, in order to develop a product road map. With Thematic, they were able to identify specific product issues and reach out to detractors.


Feedback Collection by Zendesk, Insights by Thematic

Serato is a leading audio software company with millions of users worldwide. Using Thematic’s Zendesk simple-to-set-up integration, Serato immediately started seeing real, actionable and specific product issues that were affecting them.

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