Three reasons why Thematic is better than Chattermill for analyzing customer feedback at scale

Are you looking at how other solutions stack up against Chattermill? Here’s why Thematic is the best choice for turning your customer feedback into accurate, actionable insights.


Themes are more useful, specific, and customized to your company

Chattermill uses predefined taxonomies focused on common customer success issues. Tagging is often not as granular as expected, and any themes unique to your company need to be manually added to the initial model by their data team. When you’ve uploaded new data and need to make changes to your theme structure, there’s no way you can do it yourself. It can take a few days for these changes to be implemented, which can be frustrating when you want to look at results immediately. With Thematic, custom themes are a given, not an add-on. Thematic uses a unique bottom-up approach to discover all themes in text. We automatically build a hierarchical code frame from your text data, and you can easily adjust it to make it more relevant. This means themes aren’t just industry specific, they’re company specific - and can be refined quickly and easily. There are no rigid, broad taxonomies applied to your data.


Thematic makes it easier to unify your data

Chattermill applies a single taxonomy of themes across all your datasets. This works well if all your datasets are equal, and the same themes apply to all feedback sources. But if you wish to go in-depth in specific areas, you’re stuck. Thematic is much more flexible. Themes are built from the ground up for each dataset, so nothing unique gets missed. You can see the top issues reported by Twitter users and compare them to those reported via surveys. Need to look at both (or more) simultaneously? Not a problem. Thematic makes it easy for you to work with your data however you wish.


Cutting edge technology, for the best customer insights

Choosing to partner with Thematic means you’ll have immediate access to the best technology for analyzing customer feedback. Thematic is constantly innovating to stay ahead of competitors like Chattermill.

An example is our Theme Summary feature, which is powered by Generative AI and provides straightforward, accurate summaries of what your customers are saying. Large Language Models are a huge leap forward in AI, and Thematic is committed to securely embedding this new tech throughout the platform.

These changes will make it easier than ever to discover key insights, quantify them, and communicate what matters across your organization.

Thematic compared to other solutions

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