Three reasons why Thematic is the fastest, most powerful solution for analyzing customer feedback at scale

Are you looking at how other solutions stack up against Chattermill? Here’s why Thematic is the best choice for turning your customer feedback into accurate, actionable insights.


You have greater control over your data with Thematic

Chattermill uses predefined taxonomies and an unsupervised layer which clusters phrases to tag feedback data with themes. Users can add new themes, but editing is limited; you can only delete themes you’ve added yourself, not any that have been applied by the Chattermill model. Any additional deletions, or theme merges need to be handled by the Chattermill team. In Thematic, you have full control. Thematic uses a unique bottom-up approach to discover all themes in text, and builds out a hierarchial code frame. You can easily add, delete or merge themes, see how phrases map from verbatims to themes, and make changes. This transparency means you can defend the accuracy of your data and methodology with complete confidence. Trusted results are essential when important business decisions hinge on your insights.


Thematic makes it easy to discover new issues arising in your data

Chattermill has several workflow options available to track and monitor customer feedback and metrics. These include tracking specific keyword mentions, changes in sentiment, and changes in your NPS score. Thematic has a wider range of workflows available, including one specifically for theme discovery. As your data flows in, Thematic keeps an eye out for any new themes arising in the data - themes that don’t yet exist in your current structure. When new themes are discovered, Thematic alerts you, so you can review them and decide whether to add them to your taxonomy. Thematic keeps you in the driver’s seat, so you can be confident nothing important is being overlooked.


Cutting edge technology, for the best customer insights

Choosing to partner with Thematic means you’ll have immediate access to the best technology for analyzing customer feedback. Thematic is constantly innovating to stay ahead of competitors.

An example is our Answers feature, which is powered by Generative AI and provides instant, trusted answers to all of your customer feedback questions. Large Language Models are a huge leap forward in AI, and Thematic is committed to securely embedding this new tech throughout the platform.

These changes will make it easier than ever to discover key insights, quantify them, and communicate what matters across your organization.

Thematic compared to other solutions

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