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Insights and Research teams use Thematic to:

Deliver rich insights with confidence

Automate your customer feedback coding with our fast, specific thematic analysis and sentiment AI. Don’t waste time training models or manually coding data - Thematic uncovers everything your customers talk about, not just what is known. It’s flexible and transparent: You can edit, delete and merge AI-created code frames to deliver actionable insights your team can trust.

Measure the impact, answer all the questions

Craft actionable insights from the most important patterns in your feedback, with our in-depth thematic analysis. Filter on metadata, and save customer segments, such as customer location or value, to dig deeper into issues or opportunities. Use statistically-driven trend reports to track the impact of business actions over time.

Insights accessible for everyone

With Thematic, you can scale the impact of insights across the organization. Give frontline staff tools to proactively address issues. Manage how analysis is accessed and shared. Easily create and share customizable dashboards or integrate with your existing reporting tools.


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Integration support for analysis from ongoing and adhoc surveys
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SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback
Integration support for analysis from surveys
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Integration support for analysis from app reviews
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Insights & Research Case Studies

Greyhound: Reducing analytics time 20X

Greyhound is an intercity bus carrier serving over 3,800 destinations across North America.
  • Thematic identifies themes in survey feedback and identifies the impact of those themes on NPS
  • Integrating passenger and station data into Thematic surfaces actionable, station-level insights
  • Sharing station-level insights via dashboards and digests
  • Inform commercial and field teams on strategy and performance
20+pt Increase in NPS from implementing station-level insights from feedback
20X Reduction in analytics time for unstructured feedback
Greyhound is an intercity bus carrier serving over 3,800 destinations across North America.
Matt Schoolfield
With Thematic, things that used to take us two to three weeks to do, we can now do in ten minutes.
Matt Schoolfield
Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC

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