Three reasons why Thematic is a better option than TextIQ for analyzing your customer feedback

Looking for an alternative to Qualtrics' TextIQ? Here’s why analysts and insights managers prefer Thematic for in-depth analysis and insights you can act on:


Thematic provides deeper, more actionable insights

TextIQ provides a surface-level understanding of feedback through simple text analysis. It's an okay starting point, but deeper insights are often missed. And you have to manually set up any new topics that aren't covered by its industry specific pre-defined models. These limitations mean that TextIQ can't satisfy advanced analysis needs. Thematic's powerful AI-driven software uses a unique bottom-up approach to discover all themes in text, and creates a taxonomy custom to your data. You can easily adjust it to make it more relevant. When new themes are discovered, Thematic alerts you, so you can review and decide whether to add them to your taxonomy. This means we provide meaningful and actionable answers to your questions - fast.


Thematic's trusted results make it easy to defend your data and methodology

TextIQ lacks customization options that Thematic offers, and many users find its pre-defined topics miss the mark when it comes to understanding their feedback. If important issues are being overlooked, results are hard to trust - not what you want when analyzing data! Thematic is the only solution that works with you to produce transparent and trusted results. It's incredibly easy to trace Thematic's AI-powered themes and summaries back to the source, so you can defend your data and methodology every time. This means your team can trust the insights Thematic delivers.


Thematic offers seamless integrations and impactful visualizations

TextIQ primarily functions with Qualtrics dashboards, making it less compatible with other platforms, such as PowerBI or Tableau. It offers word clouds as a primary means of visualization, which look pretty, but don't deliver the clarity your team needs to make impactful decisions. Thematic can be easily plugged into your existing analytics workflows, and you can pipe analyzed data to PowerBI or Tableau. Several one-click integrations are available, including one for Qualtrics surveys! Thematic's native reporting tools include dynamic waterfall and impact charts, to help you understand and share insights in a clear and concise manner. With Thematic, you won't struggle with confusing word clouds or challenging visualizations.

Thematic compared to TextIQ and Discover/Clarabridge

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