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Thematic discovers themes in survey responses, social media, customer chat and more, automatically and without training. Companies use Thematic to save time and quickly route feedback to those who can act on it.

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Please note, this is a generic language model. Themes discovered in Thematic are unique and tailored to your dataset.

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Benefits of feedback analytics

Helping innovative companies to uncover issues and grow faster

I was blown away by the instant insights into what mattered from thousands of survey comments. We could easily see what themes impacted our NPS score and why. There’s no reason PMs should be spending so many weeks manually analyzing feedback.

Robbie Allan Director of Product at Intercom

Thematic saves us time, which is critical when working against product timelines. This is due equally to the tool’s usability and the world-class support that Thematic offers to its users.

Artem Chekovechkov Senior program manager, LinkedIn

Bringing you actionable insights from raw feedback

What’s our secret?

Thematic transforms feedback from any data source into a readable summary with trusted themes, sentiment ratings and categories, instantly. It doesn’t matter how technical your product is. You’ll be up and running within hours!
  • Your customer feedback is transformed into themes and categories automatically by Thematic’s AI, a self-supervised natural language processing model that is enhanced by generative AI.
  • There’s no need to manually set up taxonomy models or code frames in advance. But if you have already built one, we’ll use it to verify themes discovered by Thematic.
  • You’ll automatically discover new granular themes in feedback, to address issues before they become systematic, and dramatically reduce churn.
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Thematic AI is designed to be maximized by user knowledge, with an interactive theme editor. It’s easy for insights professionals to refine themes and validate the results.
  • You’ll increase the trust and confidence of stakeholders. Our themes are accurate, traceable and linked to comments for evidence.
  • With drag and drop ease, you can tailor and maintain your feedback themes to adapt it to business decision-making.
  • You can apply multiple lenses to one dataset. Get insights tailored to your product, marketing, support or C-suite.
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Thematic delivers a deep, contextual understanding of your customer feedback with root cause analysis that makes everyone feel like a smart data scientist.
  • You’ll see the top reasons affecting how customers feel, their requests and issues.
  • You can show the C-Suite what matters in minutes: impact of themes on ARR, NPS or any other metric.
  • You’ll prioritize your roadmap confidently, with a quantified and rich understanding of what needs fixing, and track the reaction to the initiatives and feature launches.
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