Aggregate, understand and act on customer feedback

Legacy text analytics tells you words and categories. Thematic shows what customers really mean and how to respond.

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The Thematic Platform

Thematic Intelligence

Thematic’s AI understands any customer feedback and shortens analysis time by 20X.
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Thematic Insights

Predictive and prescriptive analytics that show how to prove the ROI of CX and win customers.
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Thematic Catalyst

Create the customer-centric organization of the future, driven by actions and workflows.
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Combine feedback across channels

Measure and maximize your Customer Goodwill. Our proprietary way of combining feedback from surveys, reviews, live chat, call center, complaints, support and social media into a single view.

Turn your feedback into a health score
Customer Goodwill

Know the why behind the score

Why did the score drop? Have instant answers and present them in your stakeholder's language.

Turn your feedback into answers
Over time trends

A waterfall chart clearly shows the impact of each theme on any CX metric.

Insights on autopilot

Find insights without looking for them. Thematic uncovers previously unknown themes in customer feedback and highlights trends and fluctuations that other solutions miss.

Discover unknowns in your data
Rare theme trends

Spikes in volume are shown even for rare themes. Nip the issue in the bud before it affects more customers

Why start today?

Stop analyzing and start acting

Shave weeks off your analysis process and free up time to focus on what matters.

Nothing to configure or code

Thematic's AI works bottoms up without predefined rules or taxonomies, giving you immediate insights.

AI that learns with you

Thematic learns from you and gets smarter with time as you use it, ingesting your tacit business knowledge.

Thematic enables us to deliver more powerful insights than ever and make more data-driven decisions

Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
Director of Consumer Insights at DocuSign

I haven’t seen other solutions providing these links and associations in the data.

Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen
CEO of Androit Research

This is the tool of the future. It reduces my analytics time tenfold.

Matthew Schoolfield
Manager of Commercial Analytics & VOC, Greyhound

The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.

Dr Maurice FitzGerald
VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard

I was blown away. We could easily drill down into themes and look at how they impact NPS score. They saved months of custom analysis.

Robbie Allan
Director of Product at Intercom

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