Transform Conversations into Better Results

With best-in-class AI and a powerful analytics platform, Thematic analyzes every conversation and delivers a goldmine of insights into your customers and business.

Discover what drives cancellations, understand how products can be improved, solve common billing pain points, and help your sales team find ways to increase conversion rates.

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Call Transcript from customer chat being summarized by AI into Qualitative and quantitative data and insights

Leading companies rely on Thematic to get best-in-class insights from unstructured feedback at scale

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Full visibility into every interaction

Every conversation is easy to understand with our Conversation AI. What did they call about? What were the key details, Was the call resolved?

With just one click, trace top-level issues down to the original conversation threads and context.

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Thematic Conversational Analytics: How it works

Effortlessly categorize conversations

Get started with no training, prompts or coding needed. Thematic AI immediately detects signals and categories, revealing unknown and emerging trends with unmatched speed.

Thematic turns every conversation into layers of engaging data, with smart summaries, resolution scores, customer intent, sentiment, themes, satisfaction scores and so much more.

Thematic conversational analytics categories, tag, filters, resolution, sentiment, satisfaction etc score options

Validate and tailor themes to your heart’s content

Our Theme Editor puts you in the driver's seat, after the AI identifies themes at scale. Use our no-code interface to validate, rename, merge or enrich themes and tailor the insights to your business lens. Then sit back and let the AI deliver.

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One source of truth, for a complete view of customer experiences

Thematic AI automatically analyzes every review, survey response, ticket and conversation, so you can dig into and prioritize issues in a single and rich view of customer needs and experiences.

Built to seamlessly manage millions of data points, Thematic analyzes every interaction across every data source, giving you comprehensive insights to drive retention and cut costs.

Conversation sources like email, chat, surveys, phone call, and translations streaming into Thematic analytics.

Natural Language Insights on Critical Questions

Use our Answers natural language interface to create reports in seconds and pin point issues to the relevant conversation extract.

Watch as Thematic delivers concise summaries of every conversation, data point and dataset, with links to verify and understand the insights

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Robust Guardrails to Protect and Secure your Data in using LLMs

Data masking of Personal identifiable information and data grounding protects the privacy and security of your data.

Enjoy up-to-date infrastructure with best-in-class, security certification standards like SOCII.

Control which LLM models can access your data.

Your data is never used for training beyond your account.

Thematic powers conversational analytics with the best generative AI

Omni-channel analysis
Intelligent AI Summaries
Best in class models
Automated Scoring
Instant start, infinite tweaks
Real-time reporting
Industry leading accuracy
Built to handle your scale
Powerful filters and search

Thematic were able to identify new insights I hadn't seen before, plus we could easily drill into themes and look at how they impact our scores. They saved months of custom analysis.

Robbie Allan
Director of Product, Intercom

The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.

Maurice Fitzgerald
VP Customer Experience Hewlett-Packard

With Thematic we can walk teams through top issues while showing them specific feedback. We can set up our product roadmap better with clearer information about what people want.”

Sam Stokes
Director of CX at Melodics

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