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Alyona Medelyan PhD

Alyona is one of the founders of Thematic. Her love of writing comes from spending years of publishing papers during her PhD. She believes customer feedback should be top of mind at every company.

Agi Marx

Agi loves writing! She enjoys breaking down complex topics into clear messages that help others. She speaks four languages fluently and has lived in six different countries.

Lynn Hunsaker

Lynn has become a well known expert influencer in the Customer Experience community. She is Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction and a member of CXPA board.

Melanie Disse

Melanie is an expert in customer experience and research. Her passion lies in CX strategy, customer feedback programs, and data-driven intelligence.

Steven Plaat

Steven lead the marketing team at Thematic. He is passionate about helping companies improve employee and customer experience through sharing insights in webinars, virtual roundtables and content.

Edward Hu

Rob Dumbleton

Rob is the Data Science Team Lead at Thematic specializing in customer sentiment analysis. He writes about AI, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. He is an avid surfer in his spare time.

Andy Hanselman

Christopher Ryan

David Raab

Ernan Roman

Ian Golding

Jennifer Havice

Joellyn Sargent

Joseph Michelli

Nigel Warren

Sean Hawkins

Tyler Dye

Vamsi Vempati

Vamsi is Senior Front-End Software Engineer at Thematic. When she isn't designing our product, she is traveling around New Zealand by camper van and playing board games.

Nathan Holmberg